​​Angie James (Kristy Johnson), anticipating the reading of her first novel recalls the events that led to the inspiration of her book 'Keep On Walking'.  TWELVE STEPS takes you on the journey of a young couple, Hank (Dan Sanders-Joyce) and Angie, who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  When Angie and Hank take the necessary steps to get clean they learn that Angie is pregnant.  Overwhelmed with guilt and the pressures of dealing with a newborn with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Angie begins to secretly spiral. Hank, not aware of Angie's struggle, is in his own fight to hold the family together financially.  After a hard days work Hank comes home to find Angie passed out and unresponsive from an apparent heroin overdose.  Hysterical by Angie’s relapse and broken by his aggressive handling of baby Eddie, Hank overrun with grief contemplates a fatal ending.

The stories we tell matter.


Paula Bryant-Ellis